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renovation of 45 m2 apartment

0560 Oslo

My 45 m2 apartment needs renovation.
the job consists of the following tasks:

1. new parkett floors in whole apartment (excl bathroom) with floor listing

2. removing/tear down a 60 cm broad wall + door frame/entrance towards existing livingroom,

3. build up new light wall in the middle of existing livingroom to be converted into two bedrooms, inkluding 2 doors with frames, gipswalls with isolation and with sparkling

4. painting entire apartment: walls, ceilings, listing: two strokes of paint

5.bathroom: removing existing panels from walls, disconecting all
water sources and existing toilette, sink, shower armature etc.
Inspection of water installation, sluk etc.
New vatromssystem on walls (vatromsplater, smormembran)
new vatrom system on floor (membran according to Norwegian regulations)
heating in floor (varmekabler)
tiles on walls and floor, painting ceiling with bathroom (humidity) proof paint.
Installation of sink, shower, toilette, sluk.

Plumber required for armatures, toilette and pipe/tubes inspections disconnecting existing armature and mounting the new items.

6. build up boxes around sprinkle system in ceiling to cover/hide.

7. electrician job for additional cables and sockets in new bedroom
add 3 new electric sockets in new bedroom and 1 light point in ceiling incl.
switch. Move TV plug to new living room

8. Kitchen: existing kitchen furniture must be disconnected from the wall before painting and laying new parquett floor. Later to be re-mounted. change of 2-3 cupboards (skapstamme) and front doors must be included as well as changing cover plate along the floor below kitchen and adding some cover plates where there are open spaces in existing kitchen.(see pictures).
Moving water heater tank, currently under the bench into cupboard above bench / tall cupboard to be inserted into kitchen (høyskap)
install dishwasher machine.

- Please refer to attached photos and drawings for details about the apartment and job.

- Please specify if prices include or exclude MVA (25%)
- Please separate material costs from work hour prices (and specify with/excl MVA)

- Final proper cleaning and removing of all trash shall be specified and included in offer.

- Purchase and delivery of all materials must be included in price offer.

- X years guaranty for work desired specified.

Only offers that can cover the whole job listed will be accepted.

1 main contact person and team responsible is required.

please provide at least 2 reference jobs and contact person for reference jobs along with offer.



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