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Balkong inglassing

0670 Oslo

I'm looking to put glass windows on my balcony. The total area is around 9 kvm. The windows should be able to slide in/out, or opened in some way. If you can also put up an electric heater, and an electric curtain, or sun shade, that's a plus.

Please give a price estimate.


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The installation was finished and there are several problems with it, that Glass Balkong Miazga has refused to fix so far: * The rubber strips are missing from inbetween the windows * 5 screws are missing * Water leaks in when it rains * The right side door does not close at the top Glass Balkong Miazga has been notified of the defects 6 weeks ago, and is refusing to fix them. I have now forwarded my case to Forbrukerrådet, in the hope that they will help me resolve the problems.
Norbert Keri 3 måneder siden

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