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Painting of private house in Bærum

1349 Rykkinn

Me and my neighbor are in the process of planning to paint our house again (semi-detached house).
Execution is planned spring 2020.
We would like to recieve an offer based on our requirements below.
Please also come by to inspect the house.

Scope of work (offer must include):

1. Preparation

a. Scaffolding (rent and mounting/dismounting)
b. Cleaning the walls with brush and chemicals (no high pressure)
c. Remove loose paint if necessary
d. Cover necessary areas with plastic
e. Masking windows, waterboards, terrace floor etc. with tape

2. Painting house

a. Walls (grey)
b. Windows (white)
c. Balcony 2nd floor
d. Terrace 1st floor
e. Outside stairway to 2nd floor
f. Ark on both sides on roof
g. (Everything on the house that is grey or white)

3. Painting sheds

a. Cleaning and painting of shed 1 in garden (Thomas)
b. Cleaning and painting of shed 2 in garden (neighbor)

4. Materials

a. Paint
b. Brushes
c. Cleaning chemicals
d. Plastic
e. Tape
f. Etc.

5. Cleanup

a. Remove all garbage
b. Clean spilled paint
c. Etc.

We will require you to use the best guys for the job for high quality result.

Type of paint used last time:
Butinox Futura

Option (separate price):

1. Cleaning and painting of garage



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