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* Fortsatt ledig: Nytt lys og ny infravarme eller ovn i bad

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In my bathroom I would like:
- New ceiling light to be wired in
- Rewiring of a dedicated circuit from circuit breaker board to switch to control old infrared heater in bathroom
- If the heater doesn't work (it is old and may not function any more), consider options for a new heater or a radiator (panelovn) instead

The distance from the switch to the heater to the circuit breaker board is probably less than 10m. There is a spare slot on the circuit breaker board for this new circuit. Wires can be run along the wall exterior. Holes will have to be drilled through interior walls (I expect just wood).

Please let me know if you have any recommendations/suggestions. I would appreciate if we can chat and have a full plan to be drawn up before the work begins.

Work can begin next week (48). I will require documentation of the work done.



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