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Help installing a home rock climbing wall

0172 Oslo

My wife and I would like to turn one of the walls in our entrance into a short rock climbing
wall, (3 m long and 2056mm high, purely vertical) and would like a carpenter to help with the process.

The process is relatively straightforward, 6 2x4's (konstruksjonsvirke) need to be installed perpindicular to the wall's stud's. Three plywood panels (kryssfiner), each
1000 x 2056 are then attached to the 2x4's. Each plywood panel will be prepared (by me) for use as a rock climbing wall, which involves drilling 78 13mm holes spaced at 15cm, installing flat-backed t-nuts into the holes and painting the panel.

We would like a professional to help with parts of the installation, namely:

1. Determining if the wall I have in mind is actually suitable i.e. if it can hold the climbing wall, and agreeing on the materials I should purchase.
2. Accurately locating the wall's studs and Installing the 2x4's into them
3. Fine tuning the initial cut of the plywood (which I'd do at maxbo) to fit the space correctly
4. Attaching the plywood panels to the 2x4's.

Here's a schematic of what I have in mind:

Thanks for your time,



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Michal is probably one of the best carpenters in Oslo. He built and installed a rock climbing wall in our flat, a highly specific job for which he had no direct prior experience. He took my original plans and proposed a number of modifications (all for the better) after understanding the process. The wall he built is both beautiful and extremely solid. His work installing the wall was impressively efficient. Finally, he's nice and easygoing.
Frank, Oslo 2 måneder siden

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