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Bathroom plumbing & kitchen dishwasher

0595 Oslo

We are replacing a shower cabinet with a bathtub (corner mounted). We will also add a new boiler to supply the bathtub and potentially the sink. We need an authorized plumber to connect the pipes from the boiler to the bathtub/sink. We also need to connect the drain from the tub to the central bathroom drain. All pipes will be outside of the wall (not built in).

We will also install a dishwasher in the kitchen which will be next to the kitchen sink and connected to the existing drainage for the kitchen sink.

We would like the work to be done either February 7th/8th or February 10th-12th.
The apartment is available to see on or after February 1st.



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Understood our needs and were flexible with pricing. Went the extra mile to help us out with our renovation project. Strongly recommend!
Alexandra, Oslo 4 måneder siden

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